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BT124 Orchid Superlon 'D'

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Nylon thread. Flat in cross section so easy to pass through the eye of a beading needle. Suitable in single thickness for beadweaving of all types; double thickness for lightweight straps and longer necklaces. Superlon 'D' and Nymo 'D' are both good all purpose threads for most fine beading.  Superlon 'AA' is finer.

For more information on these threads and how to use them you can download the 'Working with Beading Threads' sheet from the Techniques page.


BT124 Orchid Superlon 'D'
GBP Sterling £ 1.25
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Superlon Offer 10 for £11.50 -

This product has the following items included in this offer.

Item NameProduct Code
BT124 Orchid Superlon 'D' BT124
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