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Full booking information, terms and conditions and details of our evening special booking program are toward the bottom of this page.

If you have any workshop queries please email or call 01543 417650 during normal office hours.

Workshop Timetable 2017

At Spellbound we are lucky to have fabulous tutors who all have a real passion for their subjects, and love to share that passion with their students.  You will be truly amazed at what you can achieve in a relatively short amount of time and have fun doing it too!

There are no hidden costs with Spellbound workshops - everything you need to use on the day is included in the price.  You can buy extras if you like, but everything you need is provided. 

All workshops are fully hands on, and any tools that are needed are provided for you to use in the workshop.  We fit as much as we can into every workshop no matter what the subject so you can go away knowing that you have really learned something, and even better can take something away what you have made to show off at the end of it too!

We will be running a limited programme of workshops in 2018, so if there uis something on the list below that you fancy doing please email us at with the subject line Workshops 2018 and we will plan our workshops around requests as much as possible.

Workshops Now Booking

We have no more workshops this year. Please check back in 2018 for our new dates.

Skill Level Required

All of our workshops are graded for the skill level required - PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU BOOK. 

Choosing the right skill level will give you the best value from your day and will ensure that the tutor can give equal attention to all of the students.  If you are not sure please contact us and have a chat with one of our tutors who will advise you on the best workshop for you.

Level One - No previous experience needed but a reasonable degree of manual dexterity is necessary.

Level Two - As Level One but working on slightly longer or more involved projects so these workshops are a bit more intense.

Level Three - Some previous experience and familiarity with hand tools and/or needle and thread work (either sewing or beading) is desirable.  Please see individual course descriptions for further details.

Level Four - Specific experience required.  Please see individual course descriptions for details.

About The Workshops


Level One Workshops


No previous experience is necessary for these workshops but you do need a reasonable level of manual dexterity as you will be working with small component parts and threading quite small eye needles.


Beginners        Two and a half hour workshop         £25 


If you have never really tried to use all those bits and pieces of metal called findings, or you have tried but are not quite sure you’ve got it all right, this is the workshop for you.  Learn how to make a round loop in wire so you can do links and earrings; calottes to finish off thread ends; and French crimps to make floating necklaces and finish off tigertail.


All of the materials that you will need for this class are included in the price.


In the Beginners workshop you will make a necklace, a bracelet and a pair of earrings to take away with you.



Bead a Bauble - Swags & Tails             
Two and a half hour workshop    £25

In this workshop Vicky will take you step-by-step through making one of our most popular beaded bauble kits, the Swags and Tails design.

Learn how to make a beaded bauble with expert guidance and also learn a bit about adapting a design to fit different bauble sizes too.

A choice of colourways will be available on the day, or you can choose your colourway when you book.

Expect to come away completely hooked on the joys of making these fabulous designs!

Introduction to Twin Beads     Two and a half hour workshop    £25  

Learn how to use these fabulous two hole beads in this inspiring half day workshop.

You will start the session by making a simple flower design that you can make into a pair of earrings.  This is then developed into a simple circular design that can be made into a pendant.  You will then move onto make a supple bracelet.  The workshop includes enough materials to make a bracelet, a pair of earrings and a pendant.  Most students will complete at least two of these projects during the workshop.


Rosalind Choker, Bracelet and Earrings    
Two and a half hour workshop    £25  

Using seed beads and glass pearls make this beautiful choker and a matching bracelet and earrings.  Choice of colours available.

Sweetheart Bead a Bauble - Sweetheart Design
Two hour workshop £20

A lovely easy design to make for your first bauble project.  The Sweetheart design can be made in just a couple of hours and comes in a whole host of beautiful colourways

Floral Tiara          Two and a half hour workshop        £25
 Be amazed at what you can create in one afternoon.  Pat will show you how some wire and beads can be transformed into a beautiful floral tiara.  You will learn how to make the frame, and then decorate it using some of the beautiful new floral beads in our range to create a stunning tiara to take away with you.

Bag Charms          Two hour workshop        £20

Learn two simple techniques to make fabulous bag charms.  Pat will start by showing you how to make a quick and easy charm that makes a feature of the cords as well as the beads then you will go on to make a second charm using a needle and thread technique.

Spiral Rope
Three hour workshop    £30

Spiral rope is a super technique that once learnt, you will return to, over and over again.  To start the workshop Pat will teach you the basic stitch to make a simple spiral rope bracelet.  Developing the basic technique by increasing and decreasing will give an exciting textured effect to your second bracelet project– you will leave as a beadwork addict.


 Intro to Right Angle Weave     Two and a half hour workshop    £25

Right-angle weave is a beautiful stitch to learn and can make beautiful wide bands of flexible beadwork that are ideal for turning into bracelet designs. The geometric stitch pattern will be worked in fire-polished faceted beads that are easy to weave and available in lots of colours so be prepared for a stunning result.


Troy Necklace and Bracelet     Two and a half hour workshop    £25  

Troy Workshop This beautiful necklace and bracelet set is made using simple wirework techniques.

Come along and learn step-by-step with Pat how to create this design in wire, beads and chain.

Available in a choice of Autumn (shown left); Spring (shown right) and Summer (not shown, shades of blue)
Troy Workshop 2  


Peyote Stitch Bracelet for Beginners     Three hour workshop    £25  


 Peyote Stitch is a much used stitch in small beadwork - and what better way to learn it than by making this beautiful bracelet?

A choice of colours will be available on the day
Peyote Bracelet Workshop

Revelling in Rivolis     Two and a half hour workshop    £25  

This is a brand new workshop introducing our fabulous new range of Rivolis.  Vicky will show you the two basic techniques you need to start creating beautiful pieces of jewellery with Rivolis - the Pave setting and the Bezel setting.  You will then turn each of these into a pendant using pearls, seed beads and sparkly crystal.

All materials are included.  Choice of colours available.  

Bezel edged Rivoli pendantPave set RivolisBezel edged Rivoli pendant

Seaside Jewellery     Three hour workshop    £25  


Learn how to make different styles of bracelets and necklaces using bright summery glass beads, wooden beads, fine cord and simple knotting techniques creating the perfect beach holiday jewellery collection in this half day workshop. Seaside Jewellery

Level Two Workshops

Like Level One no previous experience is needed but you do need a reasonable level of manual dexterity as you will be working with small component parts and hand tools. 

In Level Two workshops you will be working on slightly longer or more involved projects than Level One so these workshops are a bit more intense.

Simple Knotting             Four hour workshop            £40


A  lovely workshop that dabbles with the fine art of knotting and simple macrame - you will cover three separate techniques in this workshop.  Making small, neat knots between beads to create a classic look that you will use again and again.  Cross over wraps for a quick and easy bracelet in sparkling crystal and square knots for a Shambala-style bracelet. With lots of hints and tips, Pat will also show you how to use gimp - a very useful bit of springy wire that gives fine knotted necklaces or bracelets a beautiful professional finish, and if there's time you will all get to have a go with using it too!



Cordoba Bracelet plus making a fastener     Three hour workshop     £30 

This popular design combines simple stitching with a variety of bead 4mm cubes, facets and seed beads to make a gorgeous textured bracelet. Vicky will also show you some simple wirework to make the clasp for this bracelet that you will use time and again.



Daffodil Brooch     Four hour workshop     £40 

Daffodil brooch white and yellowDaffodil brooch soft yellow Daffodil brooch bright yellow


Choose from these three beautiful colourways and make a stunning daffodil brooch using small beads, needle and thread.  You will be guided step-by-step through making your daffodil so that you leave with your brooch complete and pinned to your coat!

Christmas Decorations with Wire Two and a half hour workshop   £25 


Learn how to make seed beads and wire into beautiful decorations.  By manipulating wire into simple shapes, with hand tools and with a wire 'jig', and embellishing them with an assortment of beads you can make pretty decorations for the home, for individual presents or, in smaller form as card decorations. 

Pat will teach you the basic principles and techniques in the class and, depending on your existing skills, you should be able to make two or three decorations during the class and learn the techniques to make more shapes and complete them with a variety of types of decoration at home. 

Pat will also show you how to turn your decorations into a simple mobile and, to inspire you further, show you some more advanced pieces, like the beautiful shooting star, that you will be able to move onto after a bit of practice. 




Aurora Mini Star    
Two and a half hour workshop    £25

Learn how to make a beautiful 3D decoration in this fabulous fun class with Pat.  You start by making a needle and thread ball of beads and then build up some simple wirework around it to create the spikes.  The workshop includes sufficient materials to complete three of these stars and we would expect you to be able to make one, and possibly two of them, during the class.

Tiaras and Hair Decorations      Full Day Workshop       £70

Making your first simple stamen tiara will teach you all about the basic construction techniques you need to make a whole range of designs.  We'll also learn how to make different varieties of flowers, leaves, stamen sprays and vines to make a set of hairpins, a decorated comb or a fabulous designer tiara.

 All of the materials that you need to learn the techniques are included in the cost of the workshop.  Other beads will be available to purchase on the day if you wish to expand on the design ideas. 

This workshop teaches all you need to know to make a wide range of tiara styles.  If you wish to take this further and learn more intricate wiring techniques we also run a Tiaras Two day course.          

Owl Needlecase     Four hour workshop    £40  

Let Vicky guide you step-by-step through making a long beaded needlecase in tubular peyote stitch to create a beautiful 'Owl in a Tree' design.  Choose from the 'Night Owl' or 'Owl in Daytime' colourway.

Nordic Bauble Bead a Bauble - Nordic Design
Three hour workshop  £30

One of the bauble designs from Spellbound Festive Beading 2, using twin beads to create snowflake swirls.  Lovely to make and easy to adapt  to a simple tassel design too.

Emperor Bauble 

Bead a Bauble - Emperor             
Four hour workshop    £40

In this workshop Vicky will take you step-by-step through the undisputed king of the designs in Spellbound Festive Beading and the cover star!

Learn how to make a beaded bauble with expert guidance and how the central peacock motif can be adapted to make beautiful jewellery too.

A choice of colourways will be available on the day, or you can choose your colourway when you book.

Expect to come away completely hooked on the joys of making these fabulous designs!
Starry Night Bauble 

Bead a Bauble - Starry Night             
Three hour workshop    £30

In this workshop Vicky will take you step-by-step through our best selling favourite of our baubling lovelies - the Starry Night!

Learn how to make a beaded bauble with expert guidance and see how the star motif can be adapted to make beautiful jewellery too.

A choice of colourways will be available on the day, or you can choose your colourway when you book.

Expect to come away completely hooked on the joys of making these fabulous designs!



Level Three Workshops

You could do with a little prior experience before booking on any Level Three course as this ensures you have the basic skills to get the most out of these courses.  
For the wire based courses familiarity with using basic hand tools is desirable, for the needle and thread courses some experience of working with needle and thread - whether beading or hand sewing is desirable.

Ever Increasing Circles Necklace     Full day workshop    £60 

Ever Increasing Circles Workshop This beautiful necklace, designed by Vicky for a feature in Beads & Beyond Magazine in 2014, is made in Brick Stitch.

If you have some experience in Brick Stich you may well find that you can complete the whole necklace in the workshop, if you have not made anything in Brick Stitch before you will learn all you need in the class and will complete some of the components on the day but may not finish the whole necklace in the class.  All students will receive fullky illustrated step-by-step instructions for the design and if you do not complete it in class you will also take away enough beads to complete the design at home.

There will be a choice of this bright, summery colourway (as featured in Beads & Beyond) or a new Autumnal colourway.

Introduction to Chain Maille     Two and a half hour workshop   £25
 Learn two of the basic techniques of Chain Maille in this Introduction to Chain Maille class.  Using just two pairs of pliers you will turn a pile of jump rings into this beautiful keyring and Byzantine weave bracelet. Ideally you should have a little experience of working with small hand tools like pliers before coming on this course.

Balmoral Tassel       Four hour workshop         £40 

 Use crystals and seed beads to make this lavish tassel to adorn your home.Vicky will go through the various stages of creating a tassel with you. Using a simple netting stitch to cover a plain base bead you will make a sparkling tassel top with a combination of crystals and seed beads. Next on the agenda is threading up the tassel strands before you bring everything together and add the embellished top loop. Choice of colourways.

Some familiarity with working with beads and needle and thread is highly recommended before booking on this workshop.


Anemone Necklace Anemone Necklace  Full Day Workshop  £60

This sumptuous necklace feels just as good as it looks when you are wearing it!   Come and spend a day with Vicky making this fabulous design. 

Some beading experience necessary - this workshop is not suitable for a complete beginner.

Beaded Bowls – Four hour workshop   £40
The perfect present and great fun to make - use seed beads to create fabulous little bowls out of beads.  Some experience of needle and thread work would be useful before booking on this course.
Beaded bowls workshopBeaded bowls workshop

Level Four Workshops

 Specific previous experience required.  Please see individual course descriptions for details.


Tiaras Two  Full Day Workshop     £70


Tiaras Two - If you want to develop the skills you have learnt in Tiaras 1, come along to learn all about making fancier tiara and crown frames with arches, spikes, spirals and curls.  There are new decorating techniques to try out too but you will need to have attended Tiaras 1 to get the most from your day.




All the wire and beads that you need to learn the techniques for this class are included in the cost of the workshop. 

Extra beads will be available for purchase if you need them for your final design.


About the Tutors


Julie Ashford is our main kit designer, author of Spellbound Festive Beading One and Two; Spellbound Beaded Tassels; Starting to Make Bead Jewellery and Glisten and Sparkle and co-author of Spellbinding Bead Jewellery.  Julie has been making jewellery professionally for 30 years and teaching for over 20 years.  Julie has a versatile approach to jewellery design, making full use of the wonderful array of materials currently available, but her first love remains wirework.  Her tiara classes have been one of our most popular courses since we began them in Lichfield 19 years ago, due to her other design commitments Julie will only be teaching a limited number of tiara classes this year.


Pat Ashford is now retired as our shop manager but she just loves to teach and share her passion for all things beady with students.  Pat looks after our repairs service and has an in-depth knowledge of techniques and semi-precious stones which are her real passion in beads.  Pat teaches lots of classes in our main programme. 

Ellen Morgan joined the  Spellbound team in 2013. A lifelong crafter, she has worked in many different mediums including embroidery, cross stitch and paper craft. She is always keen to learn new skills and is an enthusiastic and patient tutor.  Ellen currently teaches most of our Beginners Jewellery classes and will be teaching Peyote Stitch as well this year, she is a very popular tutor and we hope she will be expanding her range of classes very soon.


Vicky Pritchard is a long serving member of the Spellbound team who has been teaching beading and helping customers with all aspects of beadwork for many years, as well as being a super kit tester!  This year Vicky will once again be teaching the very popular Introduction to Twin Beads, Right Angle Weave and Bead A Bauble classes as well as some new workshops including the beautiful Ever Inncreasing Circles design that she created for Beads & Beyond Magazine in 2014.  Vicky has been enthusing all around her with her love for beading for many years and is sure to share her love of all things beady with her students.


General Information

  • Most of our workshops are held at our shop on Sundays and take a maximum of seven students.
    Saturday and weekday workshops are held at a venue close to the shop and take a maximum of ten students.
    Light refreshments are provided.  Full day workshops include a 30 minute lunch break, you can bring a packed lunch or take advantage of the many lunch time options in Lichfield.

    • Places are limited and are confirmed on receipt of full payment, which is non-refundable. 
    • Please read the terms and conditions for workshop booking before you call to book your place, and the class descriptions to make sure that the level of experience required to attend the class is appropriate to you. 
    • If you have any further questions on anything to do with our classes please email us or ask one of our staff members.
  • Most of the workshops are now held in the shop on Sundays, although a few will still be held at the Methodist Hall opposite the shop.
  • Sunday and Evening workshops are held in the shop. 
  • If stairs or high steps could cause problems with access please let us know at the time of booking - the shop is a very old building and access to the whole building is more limited than we would like but we do our best to cater for everyone.
  • Light refreshments are served during the workshop.  Full day workshops have a half hour break for lunch.  Lunch is not provided but we are only 2 minutes walk from the city centre and a number of shops and sandwich bars if you prefer not to bring a packed lunch.
  • Places on the workshops are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment. 
  • The classes are limited to 7 persons per tutor for classes held at the shop, 10 students per tutor at the Church Hall.
  • All the tools that you need to use will be provided for the duration of the class.  If you wish to bring your own tools please make sure that they are clearly marked or easily identifiable.
  • The workshop fee for the classes includes all of the materials you will need to complete the designs on the day.  In some classes, other materials will be available to purchase during the class if you wish to expand on the designs or use different materials to those included in the price.
  • Workshops vary between 2 and 6 hours duration.  Full day (6 hour) workshops include a half hour break for lunch.
  • Workshops start promptly at the time stated so we ask all participants to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start time.
  • When planning your time with us, please allow a little extra time at the end of the workshop for last minute questions, making sure you have all of your work and worksheets to take home and maybe even a little shopping - we find most students leave about half an hour or so after the end time of the workshop.   

How to Book


Simply read the terms and conditions and cancellation info below and either call into the shop or telephone us on the normal number - 01543 417650 - to reserve your place. 

We are sorry but we cannot accept workshop bookings via the web-site at present.


Booking information – Terms and Conditions


  • Places on workshops can be secured with payment of the workshop fee. 
  • This payment is non refundable.  
  • Payment can be made by cash or credit/debit card. 
  • Please phone or visit the shop to book your places.
  • We will need all the names of the people you are booking for, a contact telephone number and the address to which we can send the booking confirmation. 



By Us:  if a cancellation is unavoidable, an alternative date or a full refund will be given. 


By You: The workshop fee is non-refundable.  If possible a transfer to another workshop may be offered but this can be done once only.