1. Our website has had an upgrade

    Last week the website had an upgrade, which included:

    Smarter Search. It is much more likely to find what you are looking for. It will also find products with codes that have dashes in, like 15-0001, RC11-0451, etc..When you enter a search term a list appears with best guesses at what you might be looking for, and categories where you might find them. It doesn't show everything, so for a full list of search results hit enter after you type in your search term.

    However, often it is by using the Menu and Category Filters that you will best find what you are looking for.

    Better Category Filters. You can now filter a category by, for example, 2 colours, so you can chooose everything in the category that is blue or green, or everything that is blue or turquoise

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  2. How to find products with Category Filters

    Category Filters make it easy to find whatever you need for your project. You can choose by size, by colour, by finish to narrow down to what you are looking for.

    So, to find 3mm crystal facets, use the MENU top left to go to the Fire Polished Facets category, click on filter by size to see your choices, choose 3mm, click on filter by colour, choose clear (crystal is ambiguous as it can be colour or type of bead), and you will find them.

    To find a size 10 yellow seed bead, choose the Seed & Bugle Beads category, click on filter by size, choose size 10 seed, click on filter by colour, choose Yellow, and you will find them. You can also choose Myuki seed beads, or Preciosa seed beads if you filter by Brand.

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  3. Thank you customers

    for all your help with finding problems with our website. After 9 months most of them have been fixed, and others are being worked on, but we are always grateful when a customer finds something new which is not working properly. Please do let us know if you find something wrong.

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  4. Welcome to our blog. To begin with, tips on how to use our website

    Welcome to Magento Blog by Magefan. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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