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EW914 0.9mm Vivid Green Soft Wire

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Approx 8 metres of 0.9mm diameter soft copper enamelled wire

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EW914 0.9mm Vivid Green Soft Wire
GBP Sterling £ 3.00
Product Code:

Wire 10 for £25 -

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Item NameProduct Code
EW914 0.9mm Vivid Green Soft Wire EW914
Other products that are included in this offer.
Item NameProduct Code
EW908 0.9mm Light Gold Soft Wire EW908
EW715 0.7mm Supa Green Soft Wire EW715
EW714 0.7mm Supa Blue Soft Wire EW714
EW713 0.7mm Vivid Red Soft Wire EW713
EW711 0.7mm Mid Brown Soft Wire EW711
EW710 0.7mm Light Gold Soft Wire EW710
EW709 0.7mm Leaf Green Soft Wire EW709
EW708 0.7mm Gunmetal Soft Wire EW708
EW707 0.7mm Dark Purple Soft Wire EW707
EW716 0.7mm Vivid Green Soft Wire EW716
EW717 0.7mm Warm Gold Soft Wire EW717
EW907 0.9mm Leaf Green Soft Wire EW907
EW906 0.9mm Gunmetal Soft Wire EW906
EW905 0.9mm Dark Purple Soft Wire EW905
EW904 0.9mm Dark Blue Soft Wire EW904
EW903 0.9mm Champagne Soft Wire EW903
EW902 0.9mm Bright Violet Soft Wire EW902
EW901 0.9mm Black Soft Wire EW901
EW719 0.7mm Silver Soft Wire EW719
EW706 0.7mm Dark Blue Soft Wire EW706
EW705 0.7mm Chartreuse Soft Wire EW705
EW704 0.7mm Champagne Soft Wire EW704
EW518 0.5mm Supa Blue Soft Wire EW518
EW517 0.5mm Vivid Red Soft Wire EW517
EW515 0.5mm Opaque Purple Soft Wire EW515
EW514 0.5mm Opaque Green Soft Wire EW514
EW513 0.5mm Opaque Blue Soft Wire EW513
EW511 0.5mm Light Gold Soft Wire EW511
EW520 0.5mm Supa Green Soft Wire EW520
EW522 0.5mm Ice Blue Soft Wire EW522
EW703 0.7mm Bright Violet Soft Wire EW703
EW702 0.7mm Black Soft Wire EW702
EW701 0.7mm Baby Pink Soft Wire EW701
EW528 0.5mm Supa Lilac Soft Wire EW528
EW527 0.5mm Silver Soft Wire EW527
EW523 0.5mm Supa Violet Soft Wire EW523
EW510 0.5mm Leaf Green Soft Wire EW510
EW935 0.9mm Bare Copper Soft Wire EW935
EW533 0.5mm Gilt Soft Wire EW533
EW334 0.315mm Rose Gold Soft Wire EW334
EW333 0.315mm Gilt Soft Wire EW333
EW233 0.2mm Gilt Soft Wire EW233
EW332 0.3mm Non Tarnish Silver Soft Wire EW332
KWR020 Champagne Knitted Wire Ribbon KWR20
EW924 0.9mm Smoked Soft Wire EW924
EW534 0.5mm Rose Gold Soft Wire EW534
EW733 0.7mm Gilt Soft Wire EW733
EW735 0.7mm Bare Copper Soft Wire EW735
EW535 0.5mm Bare Copper Soft Wire EW535
EW335 0.315mm Bare Copper Soft Wire EW335
EW235 0.2mm Bare Copper Soft Wire EW235
EW234 0.2mm Rose Gold Soft Wire EW234
EW934 0.9mm Rose Gold Soft Wire EW934
EW734 0.7mm Rose Gold Soft Wire EW734
EW923 0.9mm Supa Violet Soft Wire EW923
EW922 0.9mm Ice Blue Soft Wire EW922
EW724 0.7mm Smoked Soft Wire EW724
EW919 0.9mm Supa Lilac Soft Wire EW919
EW918 0.9mm Silver Soft Wire EW918
EW917 0.9mm Chartreuse Soft Wire EW917
EW915 0.9mm Warm Gold Soft Wire EW915
EW913 0.9mm Supa Green Soft Wire EW913
EW912 0.9mm Supa Blue Soft Wire EW912
EW911 0.9mm Vivid Red Soft Wire EW911
EW920 0.9mm Baby Pink Soft Wire EW920
EW921 0.9mm Emerald Soft Wire EW921
EW721 0.7mm Ice Blue Soft Wire EW721
EW529 0.5mm Smoked Soft Wire EW529
EW330 0.315mm Smoked Soft Wire EW330
EW229 0.2mm Smoked Soft Wire EW229
EW228 0.2mm Ice Blue Soft Wire EW228
EW720 0.7mm Supa Lilac Soft Wire EW720
EW909 0.9mm Mid Brown Soft Wire EW909
EW218 0.2mm Vivid Red Soft Wire EW218
EW206 0.2mm Dark Blue Soft Wire EW206
EW205 0.2mm Chartreuse Soft Wire EW205
EW204 0.2mm Champagne Soft Wire EW204
EW203 0.2mm Bright Violet Soft Wire EW203
EW202 0.2mm Black Soft Wire EW202
EW201 0.2mm Baby Pink Soft Wire EW201
KW407 Steel 0.2mm Coarse Knitted Wire KW407
KW403 Cherry Red 0.2mm Coarse Knitted Wire KW403
EW207 0.2mm Dark Purple Soft Wire EW207
EW208 0.2mm Gunmetal Soft Wire EW208
EW216 0.2mm Opaque Purple Soft Wire EW216
EW215 0.2mm Opaque Green Soft Wire EW215
EW214 0.2mm Opaque Blue Soft Wire EW214
EW213 0.2mm Mid Brown Soft Wire EW213
EW212 0.2mm Supa Lilac Soft Wire EW212
EW211 0.2mm Light Gold Soft Wire EW211
EW209 0.2mm Ivory Soft Wire EW209
KW401 Black 0.2mm Coarse Knitted Wire KW401
KWR009 Supa Green Knitted Wire Ribbon KWR009
KWR008 Bright Violet Knitted Wire Ribbon KWR008
KWR007 Light Gold Knitted Wire Ribbon KWR007
KWR006 Chartreuse Knitted Wire Ribbon KWR006
KWR005 Supa Baby Pink Knitted Wire Ribbon KWR005
KWR004 Dark Purple Knitted Wire Ribbon KWR004
KWR003 Vivid Green Knitted Wire Ribbon KWR003
KWR010 Warm Goid Knitted Wire Ribbon KWR010
KWR018 Silver Knitted Wire Ribbon KWR018
KWR017 Supa Emerald Knitted Wire Ribbon KWR017
KWR016 Dark Blue Knitted Wire Ribbon KWR016
KWR015 Gunmetal Knitted Wire Ribbon KWR015
KWR014 Mid Brown Knitted Wire Ribbon KWR014
KWR013 Supa Blue Knitted Wire Ribbon KWR013
KWR012 Vivid Red Knitted Wire Ribbon KWR012
KWR001 Supa Lilac Knitted Wire Ribbon KWR001
EW509 0.5mm Ivory Soft Wire EW509
EW326 0.315mm Warm Gold Soft Wire EW326
EW325 0.315mm Vivid Green Soft Wire EW325
EW324 0.315mm Supa Violet Soft Wire EW324
EW321 0.315mm Supa Green Soft Wire EW321
EW320 0.315mm Supa Emerald Soft Wire EW320
EW319 0.315mm Supa Blue Soft Wire EW319
EW318 0.315mm Silver Soft Wire EW318
EW317 0.315mm Vivid Red Soft Wire EW317
EW328 0.315mm Supa Lilac Soft Wire EW328
EW329 0.315mm Ice Blue Soft Wire EW329
EW508 0.5mm Gunmetal Soft Wire EW508
EW507 0.5mm Dark Purple Soft Wire EW507
EW506 0.5mm Dark Blue Soft Wire EW506
EW505 0.5mm Chartreuse Soft Wire EW505
EW504 0.5mm Champagne Soft Wire EW504
EW503 0.5mm Bright Violet Soft Wire EW503
EW502 0.5mm Black Soft Wire EW502
EW501 0.5mm Baby Pink Soft Wire EW501
EW315 0.315mm Opaque Purple Soft Wire EW315
EW314 0.315mm Opaque Green Soft Wire EW314
EW313 0.315mm Opaque Blue Soft Wire EW313
EW302 0.315mm Black Soft Wire EW302
EW301 0.315mm Baby Pink Soft Wire EW301
EW226 0.2mm Warm Gold Soft Wire EW226
EW225 0.2mm Vivid Green Soft Wire EW225
EW222 0.2mm Supa Green Soft Wire EW222
EW221 0.2mm Supa Emerald Soft Wire EW221
EW220 0.2mm Supa Blue Soft Wire EW220
EW303 0.315mm Bright Violet Soft Wire EW303
EW304 0.315mm Champagne Soft Wire EW304
EW312 0.315mm Mid Brown Soft Wire EW312
EW311 0.315mm Light Gold Soft Wire EW311
EW309 0.315mm Ivory Soft Wire EW309
EW308 0.315mm Gunmetal Soft Wire EW308
EW307 0.315mm Dark Purple Soft Wire EW307
EW306 0.315mm Dark Blue Soft Wire EW306
EW305 0.315mm Chartreuse Soft Wire EW305
EW219 0.2mm Silver Soft Wire EW219