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Pip Bead Projects

Pip Beads are 5x7mm in size and are a perfect accent for small bead work and a component for bigger pieces

Pip Beads Image

Pip Beads were launched in 2014 by Preciosa, a leading Czech manufacturer of seed beads and pressed glass shapes.  These lovely petal shaped beads are super for making jewellery with and we have here a few examples designed by the manufacturers - we hope to add some of our own designs to this page very soon.
The designs you see here are straight from Preciosa - Preciosa instructions often assume a certain amount of prior beading knowledge so are not always suitable for someone with only a little beading experience - but there are some fantastic ideas here so if you are not afraid of a little experiment or two you will find lots here to help you broaden your knowledge of, and uses for, these fabulous little beads.

Flowering Meadow
This first project, the Flowering Meadow, is a really quick, easy and pretty bracelet and ring set using Pip beads and size 8 and 6 seed beads.

Ring Around the Rosie
Ring Around the Rosie uses a mix of Twin Beads and Pip Beads

Pip in a Flower
The Pip in a Flower download shows different ways of layering beads to create flower shapes

This download is all about Kumihimo techniques with the Pip bead - we do not stock Kumihimo supplies but thought this project was too beautiful not to be shared.

Pips and Wire
Finally - this beautiful textural bracelet uses Pips on memory wire.