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Twin Bead Projects

Twin Beads were launched in 2010 by Preciosa, a leading Czech manufacturer of seed beads and pressed glass shapes.  Twin beads are long oval beads with holes  at either end and they give a whole host of design possibilities.  This page is devoted to projects that use Twin Beads as either a major, or a minor, part of the design.

At the time of writing we have over 80 fabulous colours in stock ... and the range will increase over time.  We love working with these beads and think the possibilities are endless, so don't be surprised if more projects appear on this page ... or more kits using Twin Beads make their way into our range! 

Check out our Twin Bead page for the current range of Twin Beads and Twin Bead kits that we stock.

One of the designs you see here is a Spellbound original (more on their way, check back soon for more Twin ideas!) and the instructions have been written by us, in our usual way - we would hope that even a complete beginner would be able to do any of the Spellbound Twin Bead projects we will be featuring.

The majority of the designs you see here are straight from Preciosa - Preciosa instructions often assume a certain amount of prior beading knowledge so are not always suitable for someone with only a little beading experience - but there are some fantastic ideas here so if you are not afraid of a little experiment or two you will find lots here to help you broaden your knowledge of, and uses for, these fabulous little beads.

First of all it is probably worth taking a look at the basics! 

Click here to download our Basic Techniques Sheet, to give you a nice little intro to the fabulous world of Twin Beads.

First up - three projects from the Spellbound team

the adorable Tweetheart Necklace;     The Ziggurat Necklace;          The Ziggurat Bracelet

Preciosa Projects

We stock lots and lots of Preciosa beads ... but not all of them.  We have included all of the patterns below because we think that they give lots of inspiration and there is no such thing as too much inspiration!  We cannot guarantee to have all of the component parts as listed but we certainly stock a lot of them and can offer suitable substitutes for almost everything else.


This wonderfully named 'Just for the joy of it' bracelet is made with size 10 seed beads in two colours; size 8 seed beads in one colour; two colours of Twin Beads, and just a few 6mm pressed glass rounds to make the fastener. 

This Tweed Bracelet is made by using a clever combination of six colours of Twin Bead and two of size 10 seed beads.

This Multi Row Bracelet can have as many, or as few, rows as you like - and you can use just one colour Twin Bead, or a variety to create interesting effects.  This project also uses size 8 seed beads.

This Floral Bracelet project uses four colours of Twin Beads and some size 6 and size 9 seed beads.  It looks stunning in these metallics ... but it would also look fabulous in the chalk pastel colours, really pretty and vibrant for a Spring project.

The Floral Romance hair decoration is an absolute joy - made with Twin Beads and size 10 seed beads you make a strand of intertwining leaves and flowers, slip a ribbon through it and it makes the perfect hairband for festivals, bridesmaids and flower fairies.

This lovely little piggy is made from twin beads, size 10 seed beads and a couple of black seed beads for the eyes.

These Twin Bead Projects all have something a little seasonal about them ...

Starting with a little love for a Valentine

This is just a very simple Heart Shape made with Twin Beads and size 10 seed beads.
There is a typo on the above pattern for the contoured heart - the initial (inner) row is wrong it should be 8T, 1R, 1T, 1R, 1T, 1R, 1T, 1R, 2T, 1R, 1T, 1R, 1T, 1R, 1T, 1R and 11T. Pass the needle through the same hole on the first T bead to complete a ring of beads. To start the second (outer ) now pass the needle through the first T bead of the inner row to emerge from the outer hole on that bead. The needle is pointing in the opposite direction. Pass through the outer hole on the 4th T bead around the outer row (remember you are going in the opposite direction) to make the bow at the top of the heart. Add the R beads as shown until you reach the 2T block. Add 3T between the 2T beads of this block to make the point of the heart. Add the seed beads as shown in fig 2 to complete the other side of the heart.

This little set is an all in one present for Valentines day - not just a pendant and ring but also a cute little Twin Bead box for the ring too!  The component parts are Twin Beads, seed beads in sizes 8, 9, 10 and 12 (you can substitute size 11 for size 12 as it is quite hard to find size 12 beads).  The pendant and ring also use 8mm, 10mm and 12mm pointed face stones and a glue on ring shank that we don't stock but should be available elsewhere.

Spring is a time for, well, possibly a bit of bonkeredness!  This download is a Mad March Hare of ideas for Easter decorations

There are the beautiful flowers which use size 10 and 11 seed beads around a central 6mm or 8mm pressed glass bead. 

The Hare/Easter Bunny is made from Twin Beads, size 10 and 11 seed beads and one 16mm bead for the head - 16mm beads are not that commonly used so you may need to make the head slightly smaller, or larger, to accomodate the available supplies, or even better, why not make a head from Fimo or Sculpey?

The Spring Chicken is made from Twin Beads, size 10 and 11 seed beads, and has a 12mm bead for the head.

The cylindrical egg stands are made from Twin Beads and size 8 seed beads ... and they would make fantastic napkin rings too!

And finally, the conical egg stands are made from Twin Beads and size 11 seed beads.

These beautiful Star Shapes could be used in many ways - hung on ribbon to decorate a Christmas tree, attached to a brooch back, recreated in pretty pastels and attached to a hair comb for a bridesmaid ... the possibilities are endless!  This design uses one colour of Twin Bead, size 10 seed beads and 4mm round glass beads - in the pictured example they are glass pearls.

This simple and elegant Bauble Design would be reasonably easy to adapt to different bauble sizes - it would be worth making one of the straps first and comparing it to your bauble size so you can adapt it by adding or taking away beads along the length of the strap.

This design uses Twin Beads and size 7 and size 10 seed beads.  We do not stock a size 7 seed bead and would recommend a size 8 as the best substitute.

This elegant bauble decoration uses Twin Beads and size 10 seed beads and is designed to closely fit the baubles so would be, technically speaking, 'a bit of a fiddle' as there is a little variation in the size of most baubles.  The gently undulations of the layers as they ripple down are designed to look soft and natural so the odd tweak here and there as you adapt it should not adversely affect the finished effect.

A Day Off .... what do you fancy?  Football?  A bit of playtime with the children? or scuba diving somewhere tropical?  Bead time gets playful!

These cute little pendants are super quick and easy to make and totally addictive.  In addition to the Twin Beads you will also need some size 9 and 10 seed beads and some plain round pressed glass beads - approx 6 and 8mm in diameter.

For the footie fanatic ... just two colours of Twin Beads and some size 10 seed beads have been used to create this little beautie.

Or is it warm sandy shores that you crave for?  Let these lovelies soothe your mind to where warm waters lap palm fringed beaches ... made using Twin Beads and size 10 seed beads

This fabulous brightly coloured ring is made in size 11 seed beads with a 6mm central bead - it would work just as well in size 10 seed beads and if you want to make it truly bright - why not use one of our smiley face beads for the centre?

Something really quick ... and something that takes a little more time.

This very simple flower design takes mere minutes to make, uses only Twin Beads and can be used as a phone charm, as a simple pendant, or you could link a series of them together to create something more elaborate.

Or for a more time consuming project why not have a go at a mobile phone cover?  There are so many colours and finishes available in Twin Beads that you could customise this design as much as you like.  You will also need size 8 and size 10 seed beads for this design.

And now time for some more jewellery ...

This pretty Autumn Harvest is a simple woven combination of size 10 seed beads and Twin Beads with an assortment of dangles on one side of the bracelet.

This Airy Structure geometric bracelet explores a more open weave possibility with Twin Beads and size 10 seed beads, creating this striking piece of jewellery.

More open work with twin beads here as the Hidden in Preciosa necklace shows you how to create an open lattice weave with Twin Beads and size 10 seed beads and, in this case, a string of 8mm fire polished faceted beads through the centre but you could use a piece of fabric, or ribbon, or ribbon wire through the centre, giving a whole world of possibilities for matching jewellery to an outfit.

This Spring Caress necklace is so incredibly quick and simple you'll wonder you hadn't thought of it already!  Using just Twin Beads in an assortment of colours and some rattail cord or pretty ribbon to run through the centre you can tailor this design to match your outfit or your team colours!