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Working in monochrome is a great challenge - just what can you do in black, white and shades of grey?

Well, we have a few ideas here, you can see a lot of them were inspired by sixties fashion, big bold blocks, simple linking, clean lines that go perfectly with a simple summer dress or a little black dress equally well

If black and white is not your thing why not make the designs in your favourite colour palette?


Sarah Jane Pendant and Earrings - why not try them in bronze and cream, or shades of pink?

The Quant Bracelet would also be stunning in a cobalt/silver combination, or subtle in shades of topaz


Twiggy Earrings and Pendant are light and bright in black and white, and would be oh so pretty with a yellow centre and pink or lilac edging


Shrimpton Necklace and Bracelet                      Tricia Necklace

For the Shrimpton set change the mood completely by swapping the black drops for crystal AB,  or team cream leaves with copper drops for a softer feel.  The Tricia necklace takes its inspiration from one of our short bead strings so there are many possibilities - Try GL2801 with turquoise and lilac facets; GL2812 with a mix of wood and topaz beads; GL2805 with crystal and green beads ... there really is too much to choose from!


Emma Jane Necklace, Bracelet and earrings                  Laura Jane Necklace

Emma Jane gives a simple repeat, the necklace uses the facets to give gradation while keeping the white bead the same throughout and the same principle can be applied to a whole host of colour combinations. 

Laura Jane, with it's four beaded strands could be so many different things - black, silver, grey and red; lilac, pink, yellow and green; gold, topaz, bronze and brown - pick up a beautiful hand crafted lamp work pendant at a bead fair and use this design to pick out the colours in the glass to really set off a feature pendant



Doris Day Necklace                       Doris Day Bracelet

Soft and classic - bring a little soft grey into the mix for this very grown up multi row pearl set, inspired by the fabulous Doris Day.  Try pale lilac and dusky rose together, or pewter and pale pink, or turquoise and cream for a change - and don't forget that the thread is a big part of this design so you could tone with one of your bead colours or use this to bring an extra colour into the mix.


Sterling Flowers Set                            Lola Bracelet

The Sterling Flowers set is so quick and easy to make you'll wonder why you hadn't thought of it yourself, and the Lola bracelet has such a lovely technique, mixing large and small beads and threads to soften the impact of the larger beads and give a chunky bracelet a soft and pretty edge - Jodie has used the same small beads all the way round but you could use all sorts of different small beads - a perfect way to use up those last few beads at the bottom of a pot.

Leigh is bright and breezy and the design works particularly well with the chakri beads because they stack so nicely.  For variation why not try crystal rondelles instead of the chakri?  yes they are a bit fatter so maybe just have three in each repeat so that the proportions and the light feel are retained?


These next few projects are part of our Great Gatsbead collection and the Milk Bars and Movie Stars collection - fabulous sophisticated designs to add glamour to any outfit.
Daisy Bracelet P1  Daisy Bracelet P2    Daisy Brooch P1  Daisy Brooch P2  Daisy Necklace P1  Daisy Necklace P2


above left to right - Delilah earrings; Delilah Necklace and Delilah Bracelet


above left to right - Lucille Bracelet; Lucille Necklace; Lucille Earrings


and the Movie Stars - Audrey; Ava and Rita


A beautiful hair comb in white pearl and silver and the lovely Katie brooch design

and three more variations on the black and white theme using different threading materials - Soft Flex, soft wire and chain and cord.

 some more cool and classy pearls with some crystal for added sparkle


 a sparkling punky set using black crystals, chain and spike beads

two beautiful bracelets - a woven twin bead bangle and a snowflake peyote stitch beauty