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Multi Row projects can be made in a variety of ways - they can be loose strands brought together at the clasp; structured projects made with ladder stitch or square stitch; strands separated with, and accented by, spacer bars; plaited cord strands; multi-row crochet; mixed media projects.

Multi-row can be slim and elegant or clustered and dramatic, they rows can be all equal length or different lengths, they can be woven or free.

There are many different ways of creating a multi-row necklace or bracelet, or multi stranded earrings.  We have lots of ideas here and we hope you enjoy trying them out and also finding new ways of creating your own multi-strand ideas and projects.

To Start With - a few projects using cube beads.  Stacked, woven, loose - lots of ideas, one great download!

Playing with Cubes

This great download shows how with a few simple techniques, a bit of time and a very economical bead stash you can create a fabulous selection of jewellery.  If you have not used St Petersburg Chain before you will find the download on that stitch useful.


Just click on the title for the four page instructions for these designs - or if you don't need all four pages at once, use these links to choose

Page One, Page Two, Page Three, or Page Four 




The projects above were made with our Indian cube Patchwork Mix (MX177 and MX178), the one below with Miyuki Cubes and the St Petersburg Chain download.

So why not choose your cube beads and see what you can make!

These next few projects have plaited or wrapped strands 



And these next few have a central feature which is suspended on a simple, double or triple cord - beaded or left as exposed cord


These next few designs are all based on the same idea - separate your strands, then bring them together at planned points - this can give a formal effect like in the three row bracelet that uses separator bars, or much more soft and loose like the long cord necklaces.


And the following designs all use different length strands as part of their designs


These next five designs use multi-stranding to create a delicate effect

and the following designs range from short to long but all of them have beautiful dramatic impact



  These next two are gorgeously sophisticated and ooze style - they are part of the Great Gatsby collection and there is a matching brooch too

Daisy Bracelet P1  Daisy Bracelet P2      Daisy Necklace P1  Daisy Necklace P2

These next three are a bit of a mixed bag - the spike bracelet is a simple three bead wide weave; the green bracelet a really clever use of links as separators, decoration and fastening all in one; and the orange necklace?  super multi-strand simple crochet - soft drapy and wonderful to wear - attach charms as shown, sew beads in or just make lots of crochet strands to match your outfit

And the next few ideas show that muti-strand is not just about soft thread and bead strands - chain links and chunky beads work beautifully for multi-strands too


The next three are not strictly multi-strand but we feel they fit really nicely into this category, wrapped and clustered beads make a real impact on this brooch, tiara and necklace


And finally (for now!) a couple of closely woven projects