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Everything Delica ....

Delicas are wonderful beads available in over 1,000 fabulous colours. This is our page dedicated to these versatile little beauties - first of all there a whole host of technique downloads - from how to choose your thread, to basic stitch instructions. We also stock a range of kits using Delica beads, and a range of books that feature all aspects of small beadwork, including some that use Delicas.

About Delicas

Delicas ™ are precisely manufactured beads, tubular in shape, with a generous hole size in proportion to the overall bead. They are ideal for woven projects because the beads are all the same size and shape, the colour range is extensive and allows for much creativity in design, and also the generous hole allows several threads to be passed through each bead in the weaving process. Delicas equate roughly to a size 12 seed bead although they are often referred to in patterns as a 'Delica 11'.


Originally manufactured for the creation of beaded pictures used in wall decoration in Japan, to create the desired breadth of colours in the range some of the bead colours are dyed and these colours may come off through rubbing or exposure to light. A comprehensive guide to the durability of the delicas can be found on the Miyuki website

Downloads - click on the Black Text to download any of these sheets which include basic stitch instructions, info on Delica and other types of seed beads, and free design grids for you to design your own patterns.

Seed Beads - A general overview of seed beads, bugles and delicas.  Includes information on the differences between the types of beads, the different colour finishes and general information on using these beads.  A good overview of these different bead types that gives useful back ground information to help you when choosing beads for a project.

Beadwork Basics - A simple guide to the basic techniques you use when weaving or stringing with small beads and a needle and thread.

Peyote Stitch - The first of our bead weaving technique sheets looks at Peyote Stitch.  A popular and versatile stitch that enables the beader to produce a piece with a woven effect without the use of a bead loom.

For ideas on using Peyote Stitch in finished jewellery see the simple bracelet patterns further down this page to get you going.  Or follow this link to download a blank design grid for you to design your own projects on.  Peyote Stitch Design Grid

Brick Stitch - The second of our bead weaving technique downloads, Brick Stitch is another one of the foundation stones for woven beadwork.  There are two pages of Brick Stitch instruction here, plus a blank grid that you can use to create your own designs - just click on the links to download the pdfs. 

Brick Stitch 1,  Brick Stitch 2, and  Brick Stitch Design Grid

Square Stitch - one of the stitches you could use to create the magnificent Dragon Necklace.  An easy stitch to learn, and one with great potential.

St Petersburg Chain - a really easy stitch that creates a beautiful flat curve.  This is a straightforward technique, especially if you are familiar with Square Stitch.

Peyote Stitch Projects - We start with two beautiful peyote stitch bracelets.  Both use three colours of delica beads to create differing effects and we have project packs available in a number of colourways, all of which contain sufficient beads and thread to make two bracelets in the pictured design.  If you have not worked in Peyote Stitch before you will first need to work through the technique sheet that covers all of the basics of working in this lovely stitch.

The Summer Lawn Bracelet (above left) in the easier of the two bracelets and is a good design to start using this technique on.  The Jacquard Bracelet (above right), is a more complex design is better suited to someone with a bit of experience in the stitch.

This beautiful Delica Mat is made in Brick Stitch - this is based around the central six diamond star but you can see that mats can be created in any of the many formations that multiples of the basic diamond shapes can create.

Delica Mat Instructions

2012 was The Year of the Dragon so we have this gorgeous small bead project for you - Make it into a necklace as we have or why not just make the roaring dragons head into a fantastic wall hanging?


Click HERE to download the instructions and HERE to download the cover sheet with a full photo of the design on it