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Working with Cubes

We have gone slightly cube crazy here at Spellbound, not only do we now have the super 4mm Miyuki Cubes in the range, but we also have a wonderful Patchwork mix, available either in Shiny or Frost finishes.  The mix is Indian and the beads are slightly irregular which gives a lovely textural feel to the pieces - the Miyuki cubes and very cleanly pressed, as you would expect from Miyuki, and give the designs a whole different feel so exactly the same design can be fun, bright and pretty - or sharp and sophisticated.

Why not give them a try, but be warned, once you start you'll wonder how you ever beaded without them!

Kit wise?  We use the Miyuki Cubes in the Cordoba Necklace and Cordoba Bracelet (shown below), and there are sure to be others in the future too.

Playing with Patchwork

This great download shows how with a few simple techniques, a bit of time and a very economical bead stash you can create a fabulous selection of jewellery. 

Julie has used

so ... £4.85 plus needle and thread to make, in standard sizes  ...  4 Bracelets; 3 Necklaces and 2 rings ... not all of them pictured here. 

There are quite a few simple techniques used, one of them St Petersburg Chain, which is featured on a new Technique Sheet - just click here to download if you've never used this stitch before.



Just click on the title for the four page instructions for these designs - or if you don't need all four pages at once, use these links to choose

Page One, Page Two, Page Three, or Page Four


To make this selection Pat has used

so ... £4.85 plus needle and thread to make, in standard sizes  ...  4 Bracelets; 2 Necklaces and 2 rings ...  


This lovely selection has been made with a pack of the Shiny Patchwork Mix - yes really - two necklaces and several bracelets!


And Louisa decided thought 'anything you can do' with the Patchwork mix I can certainly do with the Miyuki cubes - so off she went, taught herself St Petersburg Chain from the new download, and made this lovely little number!

So why not choose your cube beads and see what you can make!

This scrumptious little brooch was designed by Vicky ... just playing around with a few beads ...  and then we saw it and wanted to make one!  It is quick to make, about an hour to make your first tree and then they get quicker, and there are so many ways you can decorate the basic tree to really make it your own.

To download your instructions just click on the picture.


The Quant Bracelet was designed by Louisa for our monochrome collection using 4mm Miyuki Cubes - it would also be stunning in a cobalt/silver combination, or subtle in shades of topaz, or shades of blue, or zingy yellow and orange ... the possibilities are endless!