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YouTube Projects
There are accompanying YouTube videos for all of these project bead packs - and for some of them there are printed instructions as well.  

The links for the videos and, if relevant, the printed instructions, can all be found in the individual product descriptions.

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Set Descending Direction
  1. Sunray Pendant Vintage Rose
    From £5.50
  2. Sunset Tassel Bead Pack
    From £29.50
  3. Tassel Masterclass Basics
    From £2.30
  4. Tundra Tassel Bead Pack
    From £29.50
  5. YouTube Stringing Multi Pack
    From £18.95
  6. YouTube Stringing Part Five
    From £4.95
  7. YouTube Stringing Part Four
    From £2.50
  8. YouTube Stringing Part One
    From £2.50
  9. YouTube Stringing Part Three
    From £3.00
  10. YouTube Stringing Part Two
    From £4.50

Items 25-34 of 34

Set Descending Direction