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Bead scoops, bead stoppers, thread conditioners, storage and all those bits and pieces that are useful to have in your beaders kit bag.

Bead mats are one of the basics that all beaders need.  Made from bosal foam they keep your beads from rolling around all over the place, wash and dry easily and will last for ages. 

The Macrame boards we stock are the Beadsmith brand, a lovely quality and available in a choice of two sizes.

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  1. BM001 Fleece Beading Mat
    From £1.25
  2. Box of 30 Pots
    From £9.50
  3. MAC1 Small Macrame Board
    From £9.95
  4. MAC2 Large Macrame Board
    From £14.95
  5. MS002 Beeswax
    From £2.50
  6. NC001 Short Wooden Needlecase
    From £2.50
  7. NC002 Long Wooden Needlecase
    From £2.50
  8. SC001 55x20mm Aluminium Bead Scoop
    From £1.25
  9. Thread Magic
    From £7.50
  10. TL018 Split Ring Tweezers
    From £3.95
  11. TL025 Bead Stopper
    From £3.95
  12. TL030 Bead Oracle
    From £1.95
  13. TR001 90mm Aluminium Bead Tray
    From £0.45

14 Items

Set Descending Direction