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We stock all the essential tools that you will need for making jewellery with beads, thread and wire.

The basics of any beaders tool box are beading needles, a beading mat, and a set of simple hand tools.

There are several types of needles to choose from and a choice of weights of handles for the pliers.

As you build up your skills you may wish to add other tools to your beaders stash - jigs for creating wire shapes, bead awls, macrame boards, a bead stopper or split ring tweezers - but you need very few tools for most types of beading so that most of your pennies can be spent on what we all really want - more beads!

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  1. BM001 Fleece Beading Mat
    From £1.25
  2. BN007 Big Eye Needle
    From £0.75
  3. MAC1 Small Macrame Board
    From £9.95
  4. MAC2 Large Macrame Board
    From £14.95
  5. TL018 Split Ring Tweezers
    From £3.95

5 Items

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