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Other Beads

Here you will find all sorts of fabulous beads - beautiful ceramic beads; a variety of fantastic multi hole and speciality beads such as Ripple beads; Pip beads; Chevron beads; Ginko beads; Tile beads; Diamond Beads; 4 Hole Square beads and more. 

There is a beautiful range of glass pearl beads; our wooden bead range; metal beads, links and charms and plastic beads - most of which are the gorgeous lucite leaf and flower beads.

Also here is our huge range of glass beads - that is glass beads that are not crystal; fire polished facets, seed beads or any of the other ranges that you will find in the main menu.  In glass beads you will find leaf and flower shaped beads; dagger beads; drop beads; oval beads; letter beads; decorated beads; animal beads; angel wings and so much more.


Bead Mixes
169 product(s)
Ceramic Beads
76 product(s)
Glass Beads
2428 product(s)
Metal Beads
348 product(s)
Multi Hole Beads
233 product(s)
Pearls - Glass
91 product(s)
Plastic Beads
69 product(s)
Speciality Beads
172 product(s)
Wooden Beads
71 product(s)