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Spellbound Christmas kits contain all the materials necessary to complete the design as shown including the needle and thread plus fully illustrated step-by-step instructions. All bauble kits contain a handmade glass bauble.

Where additional tools are required these are mentioned in the individual kit descriptions.

There is lots of choice here, so whether you fancy making a pair of earrings, decorating a bauble, or creating cute candy canes, sparkling stars or pretty snowflakes there should be something here for you.

If you would like lots of Christmas inspiration in one place we have also written several books of Christmassy designs and you can find them here


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  1. Anastasia Bauble Kit
    From £32.50
  2. Anatolia Bauble Kit
    From £14.95
  3. Angel Earrings
    From £9.95
  4. Angelic Earrings - Purple KT5214
    From £1.50
  5. Aragon Bauble Kit
    From £16.95
  6. Arctic Icicles kit (makes 2)
    From £12.50
  7. Ariel Angel Tassel Kit
    From £12.95
  8. Art Deco Bauble Kit
    From £14.50
  9. Astor Bauble Kit
    From £16.95
  10. Astrid Chandelier Kit
    From £24.95
  11. Aurora Large Star Kit
    From £26.50
  12. Aurora Mini Star Kit
    From £12.50
  13. BAU001 Pack of 6 x 30mm baubles
    From £9.00
  14. BAU002 Pack of 6x40mm baubles
    From £10.50
  15. BAU003 Pack of 6x60mm baubles
    From £12.60
  16. BAU005 2x40mm, 4x60mm baubles
    From £11.90
  17. BAU006 4x40mm, 2x60mm baubles
    From £11.20
  18. BAU007 2 x Christmas Tree Baubles
    From £12.00

Items 1-24 of 182

Set Descending Direction