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Thong & Cord

Strong cords and lace suitable for knotting, leaving unadorned or threaded with beads and pendants.

Cotton cord is available in three diameters and lots of colours.

Microfibre Suede Lace is a strong flat lace suitable for larger hole beads, lacing, neck cords and wrap bracelets.

P'leather and Genya are both imitation leather cords.

Rayco (textured silky finish cord) is available in one diameter.

For more information about using these cords see the Thonging & using Thicker Threads and Simple Knotting downloads.

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  1. TG001 2mm Black Cotton Thong
    From £0.24
  2. TG004 2mm Dark Red Cotton Thong
    From £0.20

Items 1-24 of 72

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