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Spellbound beaded tassel kits contain all the materials necessary to complete the design as shown including the needle and thread plus fully illustrated step-by-step instructions. Where additional tools are required these are mentioned in the individual kit descriptions.

If you would like to explore different types of tassel making we also have a DVD with full step-by-step instructions and a fabulous book on making tassels too.

Colour photos of the kits are for illustrative purposes only, and the exact colour contents of the kit may vary slightly from the depictions. 

Spellbound kits use Preciosa seed beads, Miyuki seed beads and Miyuki Delica beads. 

All of our in-house kit designs are © copyright of Spellbound Beads and we do not permit reproduction of our designs for commercial gain. If you are a teacher and wish to use one of our designs for a class project please contact us for details of teaching packs.

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  1. Amritsar Tassel Kit
    From £15.95
  2. Anjuna Tassel Kit
    From £11.50
  3. Ariel Angel Tassel Kit
    From £12.95
  4. Autumn Tassel Kit
    From £34.95
  5. Babushka Tassel Kit
    From £18.95
  6. Balmoral Tassel Kit
    From £16.50
  7. Butterfly Scissor Tassel Kit
    From £8.50
  8. Calangute Tassel Kit
    From £11.50
  9. Casbah Tassel Kit
    From £19.50
  10. Cottage Garden Tassel Kit
    From £39.95
  11. Emperor Tassel
    From £12.95
  12. Fez Tassel Kit
    From £14.95
  13. Fuchsia Scissor Tassel
    From £9.50
  14. Heligan Tassel Kit
    From £24.50
  15. Helter Skelter Tassel Kit
    From £14.50
  16. Making Beaded Tassels DVD
    From £1.95
  17. Meribel Icicle Kit
    From £12.50
  18. Moroccan Tassel Kit
    From £12.50
  19. Ottoman Tassel Kit
    From £22.50
  20. Pasture Scissor Tassel
    From £7.95
  21. Pine Cone Tassel Kit
    From £39.95
  22. Snowflake Strands Kit
    From £9.95
  23. Starry Night Tassel
    From £12.95
  24. Swanson Scissor Tassel
    From £8.95

Items 1-24 of 28

Set Descending Direction