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Project Packs

Most Spellbound Project Packs are designed to go with either our free project instruction downloads or instructional YouTube videos.  A few of them, the designs in Quick Makes, are quick and easy makes wwith no instructions.  See the individual descriptions on each product for full information and links to either the instruction downloads or the YouTube video that accompanies them.

To see all of our Free downloads head over to our Projects page.

You can find our YouTube channel here.

Items 169-174 of 174

Set Descending Direction
  1. YouTube Stringing Part Five
    From £4.95
  2. YouTube Stringing Part Four
    From £2.50
  3. YouTube Stringing Part One
    From £2.50
  4. YouTube Stringing Part Three
    From £3.00
  5. YouTube Stringing Part Two
    From £4.50
  6. Zsa Zsa Necklace Bead Pack
    From £18.50

Items 169-174 of 174

Set Descending Direction